Chief Services offers oil well cementing specifically designed for oil and gas wells within the Permian Basin in specifications set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API). All of our cement and additives are weighed, mixed, and blended in our cutting edge bulk plant. The blended cement product is then loaded onto our superior 660 Cubic Feet capacity bulk trucks and delivered to location. This ensures the highest quality and most thoroughly blended oil well cement will be pumped into your oil and gas well. Surface, intermediate, and long string casing cement jobs as well as plugging and squeeze jobs are all part of what Chief Services’ cement department is all about.



Chief Services now offers acidizing in addition to our cement lineup. Our new high pressure Acid Single pump will do any ball, block, or spot acid job needed. To go with our up to date acid pump, Chief has fully coated and DOT approved acid transports to safely and properly deliver your blended or raw acid to location.



Chief Services has the capability to send any blended or raw cement to our independent lab for testing. This lab is operated and ran and maintained by independent company with fully trained technicians and chemist. Full rheology, compressive strength, set up time, etc. can be provided on cement at the customers request.